HAZMAT Inspector

Company Name:
DynCorp International LLC.
Job Summary
Implements all workforce health & safety programs to ensure compliance with contract specifications and maintenance of a safe work environment of employees.
Principal Accountabilities
Implements ground safety programs to ensure compliance with contract specifications and host installation.
Maintains workplace Safety Inspections IAW, Company & host base installation safety requirements.
Performs safety related ISO inspections IAW SOP.
Gives support briefings, training and guidance on OSHA general industry safety and HAZMAT hazardous material communications and Employee Right to Know briefings for employees.
Gathers and reports pertinent data for all scheduled/unscheduled safety reporting requirements.
Participates in supporting host installation MSDS program.
Participates in monitoring the proper storage/use/disposal of hazardous chemicals (HAZMAT) utilized by employees IAW government host standards.
Participates supporting the host Government Safety Office as a member of any installation specific safety organizations.
Makes on the spot corrections with employees on safety and makes recommendations on "near miss" reporting for process improvement with the Site Supervisor.
Reports to on-site management in all matters related to employee safety, accidents and/or injuries.
Ensures all hazardous materials are properly marked, product information is entered into an approved database; items are properly packaged, and that current Material
Safety Data Sheets accompany products.
Establish and maintains proper storage, segregation, and inspection procedures for assets that have a hazardous material code.
Acts as the point of contact for collection of contractor generated HAZWASTE and shipping preparation.
Reviews maintenance safety source documents, notes recurring safety discrepancies or trends and initiates appropriate corrective action.
Ensures all contractors HAZMAT/HAZWASTE generated from aircraft SE and related maintenance actions is properly handled, collected, and disposed of per all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.
Perform other duties as requested
Knowledge & Skills
Proficient in Microsoft Office suite.
Ability to safely work with hazardous materials and promptly segregate, consolidate, and neutralize excess hazardous materials.
Ability to complete refresher training every two years in order to continue to certify shipments of hazardous materials for transportation.
Must be familiar with OSHA and EPA standards.
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) knowledge preferred.
Must be familiar with U.S. and International Import/Export Regulations.
Knowledge of Federal, State, Local, and County environmental laws, policies and regulations.
Experience & Education
Minimum four (4) years related HAZMAT experience including categorizing, consolidating, and neutralizing hazardous materials
Forty (40) hours HAZWOPER Certification; DOD, and Military experience preferred
Two (2) years' experience with receiving, storage, distribution and handling, and disposal of all types of material that may be utilized at the Contractor's job site.
Physical Requirements/Working Environment
Must be able to meet physical requirements associated with and/or pass medical examination requirements related to performing daily assigned tasks.
Must be able to walk and stand on level and/or inclined surfaces for extended periods throughout the day.
Must be able to climb stairs, ramps, ladders, and work stands.
Must be able to crouch, crawl, grasp or handle objects, use finger dexterity, bend elbow/knee and reach above/below shoulders.
May be required to lift/push/pull heavy objects whose weight may exceed 50 pounds.
Must be able to type using a standard keyboard to communicate through e-mail and various software applications
Will handle dirty parts and lubricants.
Will be required to wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Must be able to pass a Respirator Physical and Fit Test qualification.
May be required to operate power vehicles, machinery, hand tools, ground support equipment, fork lift, etc.
Work Environment:
May work in maintenance shop or outside.
Must be able to work in a shop where the environment is drafty, noisy, and dirty.
May be exposed to extreme noise from operating equipment.
May be exposed to electrical shock hazards or work near moving mechanical parts or vehicles.
May be required to support Contract Field Team deployments or temporary duty locations.
Job Posting: Nov 20, 2014, 6:33:16 PM
Unposting Date: Ongoing
Req ID: 1406591

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